Todd Okerlund explains: How to get results from digital advertising
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Todd Okerlund explains: How to get results from digital advertising

Todd Okerlund explains: How to get results from digital advertising

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Todd Okerlund

When Todd Okerlund started working in advertising, it was a very different industry. “In the old days, we used to try to generate awareness. We looked at how many people read a certain newspaper.  But that didn’t affect clients’ bottom line.” Now, with digital advertising, there is dramatically different accountability. Advertising agencies can provide their clients with concrete data about a campaign’s effectiveness. And, as Todd explains, “Our team at Hoglund Advertising & Analytics has developed a process for delivering hot leads to our clients. We help clients get results from digital advertising.”

Todd has the following tips to help you get the best return on your digital advertising investment:

1. Your web presence and your digital ads should work together. For example, make sure the language in your digital ads relates to the website where you’re sending visitors. This can improve your ads’ “quality score” and help your digital ads show up more prominently in search results.

Make sure your advertising is fact-driven. Examine the data to see what results your advertising is really producing. And when you’re measuring results …

3. Look at more than how many “clicks” your digital advertising receives or how many impressions it makes. As Todd says, “You can’t live off calls and clicks.” Look at the number of actual appointments you get because of your ads, or how much business they bring through your door.

Measuring how many appointments you get from your digital ads may be easier than you think. Hoglund Advertising & Analytics has developed a way to track this. Todd explains, “We have zero tolerance for marketing waste. That’s something we feel good about. We know we’re helping drive business for our clients. We can make a definitive effect on their business. We can convert customers for them. That’s the foundation of what we do: deliver fact-based results.”

To speak with Todd directly about how to achieve results with your digital advertising, give him a call at 612.791.3012. He’ll be happy to speak with you.

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